A downloadable game for Windows

A short proof-of-concept I created for Wizard Jam 7. I had something else planned but ended up running out of time and just making something out of the parts I had.

There is no goal, no way of winning right now. You can wander around and enjoy the atmosphere, maybe find some things...maybe have a thing find you. Nobody knows what might lurk in the fog.

- - -

Movement works with standard FPS controls(WASD and mouse). Click to interact with things(there are very few that are interactable and they don't actually do anything really). Oh, and Shift let's you sprint. But why would you ever need that?

- - -

Potentially sort of spoilers:

If you're wondering if you've seen everything: There are two locations with an object to pick up at each of them. And there is a third thing. That one's mobile though :)


The Fresno Experiment - Win.zip 31 MB


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Hey Zirrus!

I played through your game and got way too scared by the mosquitos here:

I love the atmosphere of the environment you've made, hope you keep going with it!

lol I loved it