A downloadable game for Windows

Collect stuff by launching a little rocket. Try to get as high a score as you can before you run out of fuel.

This started as my entry for Ludum Dare 38, which I updated heavily after the jam. You can still play the version I uploaded before the deadline but I very much recommend you at least also try the updated one. It's much better, I promise!

Install instructions

Unzip the archive and launch the exe file contained within. Make sure the _Data folder is in the same directory as the exe, else it won't work.


Rocket Ship version 1.0 16 MB
Rocket Ship LD38 entry version 12 MB


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This is pretty neat, albeit difficult for me. I never got a positive score, but that's OK, I still liked it. I am sure you just ran out of time, but sounds would help a lot to not only give you a satisfying collection sound, but also to give better feedback on thrust, etc.

I like the graphic style of it, and the controls are explained well and telegraphed with the dotted trail and directional arrow. Good game!

Thanks for the feedback!

I only actually made a build of the game right before I had to upload it and for some reason the physics changed in the transition from playing in the Unity editor to the standalone game. At that point I was so sleepy that changing anything would probably have made things worse. And time was running out anyways.

Absolutely agree on the game giving some feedback. I had planned to have a particle effect or something for the boost and yeah, I simply ran out of time with the sound. Since that's an area I know virtually nothing about it wouldn't have amounted to more than some bleeps and bloops anyways, since you can't use preexisting assets.

Understood on all counts! Getting it turned in on time can be tough, and you turned in a good game.