A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Stay tuned for updates!

This is not quite in its final state yet.

A little tower defense game made for Wizard Jam 5. Based on the title of episode 109 of the Idle Thumbs podcast.


  • build a (small) variety of towers and upgrade them
  • watch (somewhat) diverse hordes of gelatinous enemies advance on your base
  • make your own maps in the Map Editor! Share them with your friends!


Please report bugs and give feedback in the comments/forums below, the DevLog (https://www.idlethumbs.net/for...) or directly to me. I hang out in the #wizardjam slack channel a lot.

Of course I'd also like to see any cool maps you make.


         Programming, art, that kind of stuff: Johann "Zirrrus" Blume

         Music: Atlantic - soundcloud.com/aidantobin


Prepare for the Jelly WIN (33 MB)
Prepare for the Jelly MacOS (37 MB)
Prepare for the Jelly LINUX (40 MB)

Development log