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JOIN AND UNDERMINE is my entry for Wizard Jam 6. It's named after episode 26 of the Important If True podcast.
The subtitle is "Always support the Danger Layer" - the title of episode 86 of the Idle Thumbs podcast.

This game is still in heavy development but most of the core features I had planned are in. Here's what you can do:

  • run around, jump, do cool wall-slides and hops
  • mine blocks using your rad laser
  • pick up minerals you've mined from the blocks
  • deposit the minerals in the base at the surface
  • spend your collected goods on upgrades
  • encounter the Danger Layer and potentially get crushed by falling blocks
  • get stuck underground and never get back to the surface

About that last point: You can sacrifice your inventory's contents and teleport back to the surface by holding T for a bit. If you mined out all the blocks around your base's entrance though...well, don't do that.

Also: There's no goal right now, no end state. Just play until you get bored.


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Join and Undermine - WIN.zip 15 MB
Join and Undermine - LINUX.zip 20 MB
Join and Undermine - MAC.app.zip 18 MB
Join and Undermine - Deadline version - WIN.zip 16 MB

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